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Causes and corrective measures to fix frozen evaporator coils in your home air conditioning system.
Published by Daniel Snyder 113 months ago in Air Conditioning & HVAC | +10 votes | 45 comments
Angie's List common complaints ... review bias? Subscription strategies. Angie's List discount - Promo Code 2011. Angie's List coupon.
Published by Henry Grimes 135 months ago in Finding & Hiring Contractors | +17 votes | 28 comments
Which is the best site for finding qualified local contractors? Review of Service Magic's local contractor locator and comparison with rated contractors on Angie's List
Published by Walter Fughs 125 months ago in Finding & Hiring Contractors | +2 votes | 26 comments
There are good pests and there are bad pests in your garden. Some tips on getting rid of the bad pests naturally.
Published by Sam Montana 126 months ago in Pests & Extermination | +11 votes | 20 comments
Washing machines do not drain for several reasons. The pump may be defective. The pump may have a broken drive belt. The clutch that engages the drive belt may be defective. There may be an obstruction in one of the hoses or in the pump. In nine out of ten cases, the problem is an obstruction in the hose or in the pump.
Published by Jerry Walch 86 months ago in Appliance Repair | +22 votes | 18 comments
John W. Hammes of Racine, Wisconsin really loved his wife and wanted to make her woman's work easier for her. An architect by day and an amateur inventor by night, he invented and patented the first garbage disposal unit in 1927. John sold manufacturing rights to the Emerson Electric Company who introduced the new electric appliance with the nickname the “Electric Pig.” unlike our modern garbage disposal unit that employ rotary cutters to chew up the garbage fed it, the “Electr...
Published by Jerry Walch 86 months ago in Appliance Repair | +22 votes | 17 comments
Published by Roberta Baxter 98 months ago in Tools | +22 votes | 17 comments
Benefits of the best carpet cleaner in 2011. Home Improvement DIY carpet cleaning discussed to know how to clean your carpets best.
Published by Roberta Baxter 100 months ago in Floors & Flooring | +19 votes | 17 comments
The forerunner of the modern refrigerator was an external refrigeration unit that mounted on top of the ubiquitous “Ice Box.” invented by Fred W. Wolf of Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1913, this first refrigerator used external plumbing to carry the refrigerant gases to the Ice Box. The problem with these units were that they were subject to gas leaks which resulted in the occupants of the home being poisoned and another problem was the constant dangers of explosions.
Published by Jerry Walch 86 months ago in Appliance Repair | +30 votes | 16 comments
Tankless hot water heater benefits. Reasons why a tankless hot water heater is a home improvement idea to consider.
Published by Roberta Baxter 100 months ago in Plumbing, Leaks & Faucets | +26 votes | 16 comments
For those looking for ways to make housing affordable while becoming more independent, the yurt just may be the way to go. The modern yurt, adapted from centuries-old Mongolian and Turkic portable round homes, has gained popularity as both a vacation home and a permanent abode.
Published by Stacy Calvert 110 months ago in Construction & Materials | +18 votes | 15 comments
With ten years of finance operations and sales experience under her belt, Casandra Miska stands confidently as owner for CLE Assets, LLC. The company, created by Miska, distributes EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware and is growing in popularity.
Published by Christy Birmingham 90 months ago in Kitchens, Cabinets & Countertops | +18 votes | 14 comments
A cluttered, overstuffed closet can even be a safety hazard as anyone who's opened the door and been bonked on the head by a falling box.
Published by Alma Galvez 101 months ago in Renovations & Remodeling | +25 votes | 14 comments
DIY & Home Improvements can sell a home more quickly and within a budget. You will find some home repairs that will direct you how to make your home ready for the real estate broker to take your pictures and move closer to showing your home. Decorating and replacing appliances are all discussed for the home owner to learn.
Published by Roberta Baxter 86 months ago in Home Repairs | +28 votes | 13 comments
The best times to treat those bald spots in your lawn is either mid-spring or mid-fall. The time is now and the treatment is easy but it does take patience, dedication, and attention to detail. We are talking about those bare spots in that vast, velvety mat that you call your lawn, not those bare spots on your head where your scalp shows through. Forget that magical Rogaine treatment, to treat these bare spots will take you three weeks of work. The prep work is hard but quick. After the prep w...
Published by Jerry Walch 88 months ago in Landscaping, Lawns & Ponds | +12 votes | 13 comments
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